Summer Heights High

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Are you truely found of "Kath & Kim" (I mean the real OZ original one, not the dumb US one, the "contender for worst remake ever.") ?
Were you in front of SBS each Monday, 8:30pm sharp, to be sure to not miss "Fat Pizza" (they're Big and they're cheezy !) ?
Then you'll definnitely love the best quality production "Summer Heights High", a show telling 3 stories of 3 characters all portrayed by the single Chris Lilley.

I did watch Summer Height High last WE, and the sound of it definitely reminded me of the true Australian accent.

Why haven't heard of it earlier ? I live in Paris, France, right now, and there is no way to reach SBS over here :-(
So I have to wait for the random visit of friends from down under to get fresh news. If you know of any other show "proudly made in Australia", that I should try, just hit the reply button !

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